Bad credit loans online-Visit our website for good online loans bad credit

Visit our website for good online loans bad credit

Good online loans bad credit available at`s website are characterized by short payment terms. Lenders provide a single amount of money in exchange for a percentage of future sales. The borrower agrees to pay the loan along with a fee. If your company is going through a slower month, you will pay less, and vice versa. If your credit score is approximately 500, you have high chances of being approved since the credit requirements are not as strict as with other options.

Other types of commercial loans available to companies with incomes below one million dollars

  1. Microloans: to cover the initial costs of starting a business, lenders offer microloans for amounts up to $ 50,000. In many cases, lenders help borrowers with the administration and setting of the objectives of the new company. Typically, loans are repaid over a period of 6 years and funds may be restricted to specific uses. With this type of loan, you can cover operating expenses, have working capital and have funds to launch a new product. Micro-lenders generally do not have strict loan requirements compared to banks, so microcredits are a good option for small business owners. In addition, you can use microcredit to increase your credit score. Sharleys Financial offers microcredits ranging from $ 5,000 to $ 50,000, with excellent terms and conditions. We will explain later!
  2. Invoice financing loans: also known as factoring loans, these loans eliminate the pressure when you have clients that take longer to pay. Lenders buy unpaid bills (for a fee) to make it easier for you to have a cash flow until your customers pay you the accounts receivable. In addition to improving your cash flow, with these types of loans, you will be able to extend payment plans from 30 to 60 days to your clients since their bills have already been paid by your lender.
  3. Equipment loans: instead of renting commercial equipment, you can pay a deposit of between 10 to 20 percent of the total price of the equipment and thus buy it, making the remaining payments during an agreed period. Lenders may require the equipment as collateral before approving the loan. You will not need to use your working capital, which means you can focus on expanding your business, making improvements or marketing your products.
  4. Real estate loans: with this type of financing, borrowers can buy a building, get commercial property in a place that drives growth, and build or renovate a structure. The owner of a small business can refinance this debt. The capital acquired through a real estate loan cannot be used as working capital, nor to increase the inventory. But on the other hand, owning real estate reinforces your financial portfolio and generally increases the value of your company in the long term. Lenders can see that you are an entrepreneur focused on generating wealth.

Without a doubt, obtaining a commercial loan can help you promote your products and services as your business grows.

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To keep up with your business, you may already be using a commercial credit card, short-term credit lines or other types of working capital instead of commercial loans.

It is very normal for small businesses, especially new businesses, to generate less than one million dollars in sales, since for years the income may not be greater than the expenses. Sharleys Financial knows first-hand the challenges that small businesses face and can help business owners face daunting financial challenges.

You may have done your homework well and prepared a well-written business plan, your financial statements in order and copies of personal.

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  • Economic instability: although it is not your responsibility, the economy may suffer a recession that affects us all. Banks monitor economic forecasts and consider that new companies are at greater risk of possible failure.
  • Cash flow: when starting a business, the owners distribute the available funds between advertising, unexpected expenses and monthly expenses. When money is in short supply, it is easy to spend too much without wanting to. Impulse purchases, not sticking to the budget and the decrease in inventory can sabotage your cash flow quickly. Lenders review business spending patterns when they finance a loan.
  • Clientele: a solid customer base is a soul that makes a business prosper. Lenders prefer that companies have a good customer base, which means an increase in income.
  • Credit score: Lenders use three credit institutions to determine your credit score: Experian, Transunion and Equifax. These agencies review your payment history, your debt, your credit history and other factors to formulate a classification. If your company is new, lenders have a harder time making a decision since they lack that information.

Sharleys Financial helps you make your business successful

The next step is to complete a very simple loan application that gives us a quick overview of how your company works. You will work together with a business loan specialist assigned specifically to your case to review your credit profile. In addition to asking you for a minimum of six months of bank statements, we may need other documentation.

But remember that it is not necessary for your business revenue to reach one million dollars in sales. Sharleys Financial focuses on the good financial status of your business, checking that your bank statements and other documents are in order. Our secure website guarantees that, when you send us your data, we receive everything securely in a matter of minutes without your privacy being compromised.

Our commercial loans are structured with amounts ranging from $ 5,000 to $ 50,000 (microloans) and $ 10,000 to $ 400,000 (small business loans). Our interest rates range between 12% and less than 30%. To expedite the process, Sharleys Financial does not require you to present a guarantee to guarantee your loan. That makes you worry less and can focus on what really matters: growing your business.

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