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Getting independent and starting a new business is never easy but, without a doubt, being your own boss and making your venture come true is no small matter. If you have an idea that you think can give you financial credits , do not hesitate to take it forward, with the help of a personal credit it can be easier to make that idea a way of life.

When you want to launch your business you will have to make several decisions. What is the sector in which you are going to develop? Do you know your audience? Do you need to hire staff? Are you going to have a place on the street? A website with an online sales cart? There are clearly many considerations that you have to make, but in order to resolve them you will have to have some initial capital. From Johnwell Ue we tell you how to start your own business with a personal credit .


Solve your Working Capital

Solve your Working Capital

At the beginning it may be difficult to start the wheel between payments and collections , you have to make several disbursements in investments to strengthen your business. Technically speaking, this difference between current assets (accounts receivable in less than 1 year) and current liabilities (accounts payable in less than one year) is called the working capital of companies or is also known as working capital, basically “It refers to the capacity (maneuver) that a company has to be able to meet its short-term payments and, at the same time, be able to make investments or acquisitions of any commercial activity.” Ideally, your working capital should be positive, that is, that your current liabilities will never exceed your current assets and thus have no problems to meet your debts in the short term.

To avoid not being able to pay suppliers for not having money available and that this affects business relationships, they can anticipate the collection of customer invoices. This operation is carried out through short-term business loans to be returned in the following months, once your customers pay their purchases. In this way you will be able to keep your business running without generating any stop due to lack of cash.

If you are interested in the option, you can see the online credit we offer in Johnwell Ue and use the loan simulator without any commitment. So you can see how a personal credit can impact in the months after the request.


How to finance your business?

How to finance your business?

As we were addressing earlier, at the beginning of every business there are more disbursements than collections. For companies that are starting, applying for a business loan is very common if you don’t have savings. The purpose of this type of loans is usually to have “available” capital to be able to address urgent or unforeseen expenses and keep the tax payment up to date.
In short, being able to develop your own business implies making a considerable initial investment that does not always find its immediate revenue. The savings are not always sufficient to be able to meet the expenses that have to be incurred so obtaining the correct financing can be key in the development of the company.

Do not hesitate to ask us if there are still doubts or need information about business loans .

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