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CHICAGO, February 3, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Family Source Consultants is a leading egg donation and gestational surrogacy agency with offices in Illinois, Californiaand Florida. FSC announces the introduction of the FSC Fixed Cost Surrogacy Program. The full program costs $122,000and this figure includes surrogacy compensation and expenses, agency fees, legal fees, surrogacy escrow fees, and unlimited matching when medically necessary.

FSC associates and facilitates egg donation and gestational surrogacy agreements between intended parents and surrogate mothers. FSC is a hands-on agency that conscientiously manages every step and process of every assisted reproduction program. Family Source Consultants is committed to working closely with each US and international client to meet the specific requirements of egg donors, surrogates and intended parents.

The Fixed Cost Surrogacy Program provides a full range of services that supports all aspects of the process, including insurance facilitation, travel expenses related to the surrogate mother and her companion/partner, bed rest, basic surrogate compensation, incidentals, life insurance, escrow management and other expenses (including possible C-section, embryo transfer, start of medication, maternity clothes, etc.), medical accounting and management, and initial matching, unlimited embryo transfers and rematching. The total cost of this lump sum is divided into three installments.

With the rise of assisted reproduction programs United States and globally, the benefits of these medical procedures are truly amazing. Third party breeding has brought joy and ultimate fulfillment to hopeful parents everywhere. Family Source Consultants helps couples and singles build families through surrogacy and egg donation, regardless of sexual orientation. In fact, nearly half of the customers they serve are LGBTQ+ or same-sex couples.

FSC also facilitates international family formation agreements through third-party reproduction, having worked with Intended Parent clients from over thirty countries in 2021. Agency staff are experienced in assisted reproduction, both personally and professionally, and fully realizes the intricacies of surrogacy and ovum. donation process. FSC’s international surrogacy program includes multilingual staff so non-English speaking clients can fully understand the requirements of surrogacy and egg donation, how to start their family building journey and what to expect. throughout the process, from their first contact with FSC until after their child or children are born.

About Family Source Consultants

Family Source Consultants partners and facilitates surrogacy and egg donation arrangements in the United States and around the world. Boasting an impressive 95% success rate, FSC has served expectant parents in over 30 countries and employs multilingual staff to help international expectant parents through their surrogacy journey.

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