Gluwa, Dedicated to Real-World Funding Opportunities, Generates 15% APY for Clients



A 15% interest rate account seems like a dream in today’s economy, but not in the blockchain world. The blockchain offers a variety of ways for a user to maximize their savings and earn real interest for their savings. One way is for the user to deposit idle tokens into DeFi products that are on the blockchain and put them to work externally in exchange for a passive return for the investor.

One example is San Francisco-based Gluwa, which was founded in 2014. The company offers a range of DeFi products to users, including a noncustodial cryptocurrency wallet, an exchange, and traditional-style investment products. that leverage blockchain for improvement. interest rate. This blockchain-based platform that offers downloadable apps for Android and Apple has generated nearly $2 billion in funding so far. It uses these funds from investors to merge cryptocurrencies with real business investments, through which a user can deposit funds in a fixed interest account for a year, see the funds invested in companies in underdeveloped countries or in development and bring a gigantic return of 15% APY to the investor.

DeFi Bridging Crypto with Real-World Funding

This proposition is at the heart of decentralized finance, providing unparalleled investment opportunities to the user, removing the bank, while providing funding loans to worthy businesses that often cannot participate in regular off-chain funding.

In the latest fundraiser, the platform democratizes investing by allowing anyone, anywhere to deposit into their account, up to a cap of $250,000 from a low minimum deposit , and to seek a generous return at the end of the 12-month account term. Users, as with traditional term accounts, must leave their funds in the Gluwa account until the account matures.

Unlike traditional savings accounts, where users today have the chance to earn interest above 1%, with Gluwa users deposit their cryptocurrencies and stablecoins into the account. These are converted into stable Gluwa tokens (sUSDC-G), a native wrapper of Gluwa on the USDC stablecoin, and are then distributed by Gluwa’s financial partner, Jenfi, to third-party borrowers, those who need it most.



To further incentivize its users, Gluwa has promised to match end-of-term interest with the same amount of $CTC coins. So, for example, if the account generates $200 at the end of the term for the user, they will also receive an additional $200 worth of CTC tokens.

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