HUL CEO attends India-Pak match live in Dubai, Anand Mahindra reveals he is exempt from jinx match

The Indian team showed a blockbuster performance on Sunday in the opening game of the T20I Asia Cup 2022 against Pakistan when they won all ten wickets for the first time.

With a biting finish, the desi pacers spared no effort to make their counterparts sweat.

The impressive match was watched live by Sanjiv Mehta, CEO and Managing Director of Hindustan Unilever Limited. This is the stadium’s first-ever game since the pandemic has made the game even more special for the FMCG boss.

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“What could be better than a cricket match between India and Pakistan! It was an exciting encounter in Dubai and well done to the men in blue. Well done to the Indian team,” reads his detailed post on LinkedIn.

Recounting the heartwarming moments on the pitch, Mehta said players from both teams “showed high sportsmanship”. He shared that the spirit of the spectators in the stands was exceptional as they continued to cheer on their team and also applauded the opponents when they were playing well.

“Emotions are always high when India play Pakistan… This is how sports should be played and seen,” he said.

It is a known fact that Anand Mahindra, a cricket fan, often tries not to watch the game live as he thinks watching it harms the game. But, from this match, he decided not to miss a match anymore.

Hours before the match, when the Mahindra Group chairman couldn’t decide whether to watch the Indo-Pak showdown, he took a Twitter poll.

Of the 23,139 votes, around 75.6% of people asked him to watch the epic game, while the remaining 24.4% clicked on the “don’t watch” tab. Her previous post read, “Okay, I bow to your will. Put on my matching t-shirt and lucky sunglasses…”

Shortly after he finished watching the game, he thanked people for “killing” his jinx and decided to continue watching games in the future. “Now I know why cricket and Indian cinema go hand in hand – both know how to keep us on the edge of our seats. What’s life without a little drama? (Transformed Bollywood into Indian cinema on demand general!),” his tweet read.

Vedanta Resources chairman Anil Agarwal was impressed beyond words to see ‘player of the match’ winner Hardik Pandya finish in style.

“A winner must always have that great style that our own Hardik Pandya unleashed today. Congratulations Team India, we are all proud of our boys in blue,” he wrote.

Showing his appreciation for Pandya, Harsh Goenka, president of RPG Enterprises, said the game is not for the faint-hearted. He added that the depth of the cricketer’s batting style made him a delightful watch. “A well played game by Pakistan. Could have gone either way. The difference was India’s stick depth. ‘Hardik’ badhaiyan!” his message read.

In another tweet, Goenka said it was the best example of how an India v Pakistan match should be full of twists, turns, suspense, thrills, dramas and emotions. “Cricket at its best! The game looks just as balanced now. Fingers crossed,” he said.

Snapdeal co-founder Kunal Bahl previewed ‘Indians’ where a man could be seen frantically waving the national flag in Dubai ahead of the game.

India will face Hong Kong, the other team in their group, in Dubai on Wednesday.

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