Live updates on finances and payments in the United States: cost of living, inflation, mortgage, interest rates, SS benefits

Featured: June 18, 2022

– The average price of a gallon of gasoline in the United States plunges below $5 for the first time in a week.

– 30-year fixed rate mortgage interest rates reached 5.78%at their highest since the end of 2008. When will mortgage rates fall?

Bitcoin price drops below $20,000 for the first time since 2020, registering a 32% drop in the last month – See the rise and fall of crypto

– The Fed outlines the reasons for 0.75 percentage point rise in interest rates – why did they increase the prices?

– Relief measure in the era of the pandemic free school meals comes to an end

– Fed Chairman Powell: We are focused on bring inflation back to our 2% target

Elon Musk faces 258 billion dollars lawsuits over alleged Dogecoin ‘pyramid scheme’

– Biden may remove some tariffs on china with the aim of reducing prices for consumers

Real wages fell by 0.6% while inflation led to an average price increase of one percent on the market in May

– ‘Contraction‘ reduces the size of products for consumers

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Gas prices in the United States: Which countries have the most expensive gasoline?

– When President Biden make a student loan decision forgiveness

– Do I have to pay taxes on Social Security benefits? How many?

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