New Developments and Improvements Coming to Anniston

ANNISTON, Ala. (WBRC) – The City of Anniston will use $7.5 million in municipal bonds for new capital projects. On Tuesday, the city council approved an ordinance to secure those funds at a fixed interest rate of around 3% for the next 20 years.

The money will be used to complete the Chief LaDiga Trail, renovate a new location at City Hall and a new downtown market.

Public information officer Jackson Hodges says they received a minus AA credit rating. The $7.5 million is only about 20% of the nearly $30 million Anniston has been approved to receive. Hodges adds that using these funds will lead to more economic growth and development.

“A great opportunity to do so many wonderful capital projects,” says Hodges. “Some of them will be improvements to drainage infrastructure and other things across the city that have been needed for some time. But then we’re going to be able to have a civic impact with our new stuff, like the town hall and the market. from downtown. The city will start booking even more when the LaDiga Trail is complete.”

The city is still working on a timeline for the start of construction on the trail. The project will create 35 new jobs in Anniston.


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