New player targets 15 MW turbines for floating wind farm off Italy

Venice-based Repower Renewable SpA plans to build a large-scale floating offshore wind farm in the Ionian Sea and connect it to the Italian national grid.

The wind farm is located in the southeast of the east coast of Calabria at a minimum distance of approximately 61.8 kilometers from Capo Rizzuto and 74.8 kilometers from the Monasterace marina.

The project is expected to have a capacity of 495 MW and include 33 wind turbines with an individual capacity of 15 MW installed on floating foundations.

The wind turbines will be installed over an area of ​​approximately 87 square kilometers.

Repower Renewable SpA has applied to the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Crotone Port Transport Authority for a 30-year maritime state ownership concession for the construction and operation of the wind farm.

The wind turbines will be connected to an offshore substation via 66 kV inter-grid cables. Electricity generated at the wind farm will be transported ashore via a 380 kV export cable system.

Repower Renewable SpA was founded in 2018 by the Swiss group Repower. The company has a portfolio of more than 15 renewable power generation assets, including onshore wind farms, solar plants and small hydroelectric power plants.

Repower Renewable was one of 64 developers who submitted their Expressions of Interest (EoI) to build floating wind farms in Italian waters to the country’s Ministry of Ecological Transition last year.

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