NYSE-Powered ETF Leaders: Vanguard’s Ryan Barksdale

Vanguard’s Ryan Barksdale, Head of Advisor Portfolio Analytics and Advisory, sat down with Judy Shaw, communications and media relations for the New York Stock Exchange, to discuss the challenges in the markets this year and the best way for advisors to manage their risk.

This year has been one of the toughest years for advisors and investors, and it’s something Vanguard has daily conversations with clients about, Barksdale explained. Vanguard started the year expecting challenges, but the added pressures of rising interest rates, high inflation, supply chain issues and the Russia/Ukraine war all had a negative impact. impact on markets.

“In fact, it looks like the year has gotten tougher, with crises evident across the world, what to do with fixed income,” Barksdale said. “There are a number of risks that we talk to advisors about every day. it’s a real challenge.

Conversations Vanguard had with clients focused on both fixed income and equities, and Barksdale discussed the established pattern of growth stock outperformance and the pivot that has occurred towards a more value-oriented than before.

“It’s for a variety of reasons, and we’re seeing advisers react in different ways,” Barksdale said.

The most common methods of response Vanguard has seen to market performance by advisors have included advisors simply rebalancing their portfolios, focusing more on the short term with tactical positioning, as well as longer term value plays. who view value as an important allocation over a 5 to 10 year horizon.

“Information, Perspectives and Insights” in 2022

For the rest of the year, Vanguard remains focused on its customers and offers support through discussions and portfolio analysis.

“We’re trying to keep doing what we do best, I think, which is having day-to-day discussions with advisors, helping them with their portfolio construction issues,” Barksdale explained.

This includes helping advisors identify issues within their portfolios that they might otherwise have missed, such as intentional bets or unintentional bets in a market of continued volatility.

In 2022, Vanguard aims to “be a source of information, insight, and ideas,” Barksdale said.

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