PA passes bill banning interest on loans

LAHORE: Chief Minister Chaudhry Parvez Elahi vowed on Tuesday to introduce a relief package for the people of Punjab in which the ban on recruitment would be lifted, salaries for doctors and teachers would be increased and special people would be housed.

Addressing the Punjab Assembly Session after passing the Private Loan Interest Prohibition Bill and the Punjab Privileges (Repeal and Restoration) Bill, he said that the time had come when the nation, which had suffered greatly at the hands of the PML-N, should be given relief.

“The PML-N has banned recruitment but it is the PTI government that will lift it in the coming days. Hospital emergency departments would be modernized and the salaries of doctors working there would be increased by 3%. Visually impaired people, whom the PML-N treated with an iron fist, will be fully accommodated. It is unfortunate that they were clubbed by the PML-N government although they could not see the club even beating them. Likewise, teachers’ salaries would be increased and MPAs would receive funds for development projects in their respective constituencies which had been deprived of them under the PML-N regime,” he said.

CM vows to lift recruitment ban, provide relief package

At one point, CM Elahi told AMPs, “You just report things and we will respond because bringing relief to the poor and needy masses is our top priority.”

The CM also took the opportunity to congratulate former Prime Minister Imran Khan, saying that history will remember him with remarkable words for his contribution in the service of Islam by including it in the school curriculum.

The PA also passed two resolutions demanding tough action against Federal Ministers Rana Sanaullah and Atta Tarar who “showed cruelty during the May 25 Azadi march to Islamabad” and another demanding the cancellation of the FIR registered against Shehbaz Gill and condemning the physical and mental torture inflicted on him.

The assembly also passed the “Punjab prohibition of interest on private loans bill 2022” which stipulates that no lender of money, individually or in groups of persons, shall lend money for any movable or immovable property or in kind or for any other purpose or advance a loan to pay a person. for the purpose of receiving interest thereon, or effecting an interest-based transaction in the Province.

Whoever violates the provisions of subsection (1) shall be punished with imprisonment for up to 10 years but not less than three years and shall also be liable to a fine not exceeding 1 million rupees.

Whoever intentionally and willfully encourages, engages, assists or assists the Money Lender in lending money or collecting interest or in any transaction based on interest in violation of subsection (1) of Section 3 shall also be liable the same penalty as that provided for in paragraph (2) of Article 3 of this Law.

Later, the house was adjourned for Wednesday (today) afternoon.

Posted in Dawn, August 17, 2022

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