T. Rowe Price launches its first exchange-traded bond funds


BALTIMORE, September 29, 2021 / PRNewswire / – T. Rowe Prize (NASDAQ-GS: TROW) today announced the addition of fixed income exchange-traded funds (ETFs) to its list of active ETFs. Three new T. Rowe Prize Active fixed income ETFs, including QM US Bond ETF (symbol: TAGG), Total Return ETF (symbol: TOTR) and Ultra Short-Term Bond ETF (symbol: TBUX), will be available to the public from today. hui on NYSE Arca, Inc.

New ETFs are core fixed income strategies that can serve as the building blocks for a portfolio of clients. Each will be managed by the same investment team and the same processes as the mutual fund with a similar strategy, using the company’s long-standing strategic investment approach characterized by rigorous research, awareness of risks and independent decision-making. These new fixed income ETFs extend T. Rowe’s Price total of eight fund ETF offerings. The other five are equity funds, four of which were launched in August 2020 and one in June 2021. The company’s lineup of active ETFs complements its traditional mutual fund offerings and offers key features associated with existing ETFs that some investors may prefer, including ongoing daily trading, real-time market-determined pricing, and efficiency. fiscal.


T. Rowe Price QM US Bond ETF (Symbol: TAGG)

  • Seeks to provide a total return that exceeds the performance of the US investment grade bond market. Uses its modest tracking error budget to seek to outperform the Bloomberg US Aggregate Bond Index on a net fee basis.
  • Directed by Robert larkins, who has 18 years of investment experience, all at T. Rowe Prize.
  • The net expense ratio is 0.08%.

T. Rowe Price Total Return ETF (symbol: TOTR)

  • Seeks to maximize total return through income and secondarily capital appreciation. Combines all-weather portfolio building techniques with tactical market insight with the goal of generating attractive risk-adjusted income and returns through market cycles.
  • Co-managed by Chris Brown, who has 21 years of investment experience, including 16 with T. Rowe Prize, and Anna dreyer, who has 12 years of investment experience, all with T. Rowe Prize.
  • The net expense ratio is 0.31%.

T. Rowe Price Ultra Short Term Bond ETF (Symbol: TBUX)

  • Seeks a high level of income compatible with low volatility in the value of capital. Aims to provide a high level of income while minimizing principal volatility through the use of a broadly diversified portfolio of short term government bonds, investment grade corporate and securitized bonds.
  • Directed by Alex obaza, who has 16 years of investment experience, including 13 with T. Rowe Prize.
  • The net expense ratio is 0.17%.


Andy McCormick, head of the fixed income division
“These three new offerings will reflect the proven, alpha-driven approach that characterizes T. Rowe’s Price management of fixed income securities. Bolstered by the best insights from our global research team and their combined decades of strategic investing expertise, these core fixed income strategies present attractive options for investors who prefer the ETF format. “

Tim coyne, Head of Exchange Traded Funds
“With the latest addition of Fixed Income ETFs to our portfolio of active ETFs, investors now have access to a wider selection of T. Rowe Prize investment strategies in the product format best suited to their needs. We are delighted to continue to develop our ETF capabilities now in the equity and bond asset classes with strategies that have been proven successful and have generated strong client interest. “


Founded in 1937, Baltimore-based on T. Rowe Prize is a global investment management organization with $ 1.68 trillion in assets under management at August 31, 2021. The organization offers a wide range of mutual funds, sub-advisory services and separate account management for individual and institutional investors, pension plans and financial intermediaries. The organization also offers a variety of sophisticated investment planning and guidance tools. T. Rowe’s Price Disciplined and risk-aware investment approach focuses on diversification, style consistency and fundamental research. For more information visit trowe inconnu, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Where Facebook.

Carefully consider the investment objectives, risks, and fees and expenses before investing. For a prospectus or, if available, a simplified prospectus containing this and other information, visit trowe Danemark. Read it carefully.

ETFs are bought and sold at market prices, not at net asset value. Investors generally bear the cost of the spread between the prices at which stocks are bought and sold. Buying and selling stocks can result in brokerage commissions that

All investments are subject to risk, including possible loss of capital.

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